Wednesday’s Meet v. Muskingum

Attached is the entry sheet for tomorrow’s AWAY meet vs. the Muskingum Makos. For any “scratches” (i.e., swimmers who can no longer swim tomorrow), please contact Coach Taylor at


Please see below for important information about the pool we will be visiting. Key points are that:

  • (1) it’s an indoor pool, and no food or drinks(other than water and sports drinks) are permitted in the natatorium. (2) Please do not bring portable chairs into the natatorium.
  • (3) See attached parking map
  • (4) Bexley warm-ups are at 5:00pm.


LOCATION.  Muskingum Recreation Center, 1425 Newark Rd, Zanesville, OH 43701 (located in the rear of the Ohio University – Zanesville /Zane State campus), 740.454.4767, 8 lanes, 25 yards.  Enter the OUZ campus at the light and turn right.  Follow the road to the rear of the campus and turn left.  The MRC will be on your left.  Continue straight for parking in the swim meet parking area.  See below for more details.  Location – Muskingum Makos

PARKING.Swim meet parking is available in the Zane State Campus lot west of the MRC.  See the attached campus map for this parking location.  The MRC asks that our swim meet participants not park in the MRC Member Lot that is located directly across from the MRC front doors.  We greatly appreciate your families’ cooperation in this matter!!!


  • 4:30pm – Muskingum warm-ups
  • 5:00 pm – Bexley warm-ups
  • 5:00 pm – Officials’ meeting
  • 5:10 pm – Timers’ meeting
  • 5:30pm – Meet starts


  • Weather permitting, the bullpen and a “swimmer camp” will be available in the grassy area outside the natatorium.  Families are welcome to set up tents and chairs outside.  If inclement weather, the bullpen and “swimmer camp” will be set up in the gym. Food and drinks are NOT permitted in the gym.  
  • For safety reasons, we ask that all swimmers dry off BEFORE leaving the natatorium (the floors can be very slippery) and walk (not run or skip!) through the building.
  • Bleachers are available around the pool deck for spectator seating.  Do not bring chairs into the natatorium (we don’t have enough room).   Wheelchair and handicapped seating needs will be accommodated – just let a lifeguard know.  Swimmers should use the swimmer camp (not the bleachers) to store swim bags, towels, etc.
  • The warm water activity pool is CLOSED to meet participants. 
  • Swimmers are welcome to use the member locker rooms, but steam rooms and saunas are CLOSED to meet participants. 
  • For the safety of our swimmers, photography is NOT permitted from behind the blocks and in the locker rooms. 
  • Concessions will be available.  Please consume all food and drinks outside the natatorium.  Families are welcome to eat at the tables in the gym lobby or outside. Food and drinks (other than water and sports drinks) are NOT permitted in the natatorium.  Coolers are not permitted.  We appreciate your swimmers’ and families’ support of this facility policy.  We don’t want ants!!!  Thank you in advance!
  • Heat sheets will be posted prior to the meet on the natatorium windows at both ends of the pool.  We will also email you the heat sheet and athlete event lists as soon as we have the meet seeded.  A limited number of heat sheets will be available for $1 at the concession stand. 
  • Due to facility policy, stormy weather with lightning in the area will cause a meet delay.

Food Truck Fridays

A local food truck, Nate’s Steamed Bagels, is coming to Bexley!  We have arranged two Fridays that the truck will be at the pool to sell bagel sandwiches and coffee to the community.  The truck will be in the parking lot outside of the Bexley Pool on Friday, June 28th and Friday, July 12th between 7:00-9: 30 am.

We really want this to be successful, as Nate is not charging us for coming or requiring a deposit/minimum revenue from us.  We need to help spread the word among swimming families, swim lesson families, Jeffrey camp families, and the general community.

Can you please help us spread the word?  This opportunity for a delicious breakfast is open to any and all who want to stop by!  Feel free to send this along to anyone else that can help us broadcast this.

Entries for tonight’s meet v. Pataskala

We will likely not receive the seeded entries in enough time to update the swimmers’ cards prior to the meet. Swimmers will receive cards that list out their events and parents can purchase a heat sheet upon arrival and find the heat/lane information.

Bexley warm-ups will begin promptly at 5 pm. JV will swim 5-5:15 and Varsity will swim 5:15-5:30. THe meet will begin at 5:30.

Entry report:

Sponsor Spotlight: Anthony’s Pizzeria

Today, we’d like to thank Anthony’s Pizzeria for sponsoring your 2019 Marlins! Since 1940, they’ve offered New York Style pizza in Bexley!

Contact them at (614) 231-6628 and

Check out all our 2019 Sponsors and learn how to sponsor the team.

Save The Date: TCAL Championships!

Champs will be Thursday, July 18 (11 and over) – Friday, July 19 (10 and under) this year. More details closer to the event.

Ribbons and Goalbreakers

As you may know, for regular TCAL league meets, ribbons for 1st-12th place are awarded to swimmers. These are usually available to swimmers a day or two after a meet, although sometimes there are delays. (For example, after last week’s meet the free relay ribbons still needed to be completed. Those are done now and in swimmers’ folders for pickup.)

This summer, in the spirit of inclusion and fun, we are awarding participation ribbons to JV swimmers who completed events but did not receive a place award. If a swimmer completed a legal swim, their place and time will be recorded on the back of the participation ribbon. This can help swimmers keep track of their progress. Swimmers who were disqualified (DQ-ed) in an event will still receive a ribbon, but the label will not indicate a place or time because those are not recorded in the event of a DQ.

We are also awarding “Goalbreakers” tags to recognize when all swimmers beat their personal best times for the summer season. These are small plastic tags that attach to a key ring and can be hooked to a swimmer’s bag, keys, lanyard, etc. Each swimmer will receive one tag when they swim an event faster than their seed/best time. A key ring will be included with the first Goalbreaker of the season. The tags are placed in small envelopes that also display labels showing the events and time drops achieved by the swimmer. 

All of these awards are sorted by swimmer into the folders in the large boxes that can typically be found on the upper deck during and after swim practice. Please encourage your children to pick up their awards so that our folders do not get overcrowded.

Participation ribbons and Goalbreakers take some extra time to produce, so your swimmers can generally expect to receive them within one week of a meet.

If you have any questions about awards throughout the season, please send an email to and I will attend to them as soon as I can.

Go Marlins!
–Sarah, Marlins spirit committee

Save The Date: 7/20 End Of Season Celebration

Save the date for the Bexley Marlins end of season celebration. This will be held at the pool on the evening of Saturday, July 20. Details Forthcoming!

Friday Spirit Activity: Tie-Dying Shirts

Attention all JV and Varsity Swimmers and coaches!

Please join us for a fun Marlins spirit event this Friday, June 14th. We will be tie-dying t-shirts on the upper pool deck after practice ~9:00am.

Please bring a white t-shirt that has been (a) washed already, and (b) ideally is wet/damp and in a plastic ziplock bag.

(New, unwashed t-shirts will not take the dye. The plastic bag will be used to store the damp, dyed shirt for 24 hours after dying so the dye sets.)

We will have a limited number of old Marlins t-shirts available for tie-dying as well – mostly in larger youth/adult sizes.

TCAL Champs Shirts

Bexley Marlins is part of TCAL (Tri-County Aquatic League), and TCAL is selling t-shirts for Champs, our end of the season meet at Denison.

Champs is a lot of fun for the kids, so consider getting your swimmer a t-shirt souvenir to celebrate their season. Additionally, this is a fundraiser that helps to defray some of the costs of TCAL including the Champs venue, Champs trophies, ribbons, and new software.

Check out the t-shirt options at the link below:

  • Then: Select your size
  • Select “Bexley”
  • Select  “send to coordinator” (choosing “send to coordinator” eliminates the shipping charges)

The deadline to order is June 30th, and shirts should arrive 2 weeks later.

Thanks for supporting TCAL!

Tonight vs. Groveport

Get ready for tonight’s meet against Groveport! Enclosed in this post is a report on what swimmers are swimming in which events.

>> Swimmer Entry Report — Bexley vs. Groveport <<

Some reminders and notes:

  • Please help to ensure swimmers arrive on time so they have time to stretch and warm up before the meet
  • Children under the age of 10 should have their name written on their back shoulder
  • Parents should write out the event/heat/lane on swimmer arms before warm ups (the number in parenthesis on relays indicates the swimmer’s order)
  • Warm ups start promptly at 4:30 tomorrow. Varsity will be in the water 4:30-4:45 and JV will be in the water 4:45-5.
  • Meet will begin at 5:30
  • Events for the bullpen will be announced by the DJ/Announcer and parents should help swimmers 8 & under get to the bullpen on time
  • Heat sheets will be available for purchase for $1 at the meet

Lastly, please help your swimmers make good food choices before and during the meet. We encourage swimmers to eat food high in nutritional value the day of a meet and to avoid fried and sugary treats. They should drink plenty of water and can eat high-quality foods such as fruit, vegetables, peanut butter, and whole grains during the meet. Foods high in sugar and fat should wait until swimmers are done with events. Our bodies perform best when they are well fueled.