Records Broken Day 1 At Champs

Marlins Fans! Coach Taylor was not kidding about the time drops and fast swims. The following meet and team records were broken on the first day of Champs!

Girls 11-12 Medley Relay
A. Hoy, M. Shonia, M. Evans, S. Litfin
Broke Meet Record 2:08.75 (was 2:12.79)

Girls 11-12 50 Free
Millie Evans
Broke Meet Record 26.85 (was 27.71)
Broke Marlins Record 26.85 (was 27.96)

Girls 11-12 50 Back
Anja Hoy
Broke Meet Record 30.09 (was 31.97)
Broke Marlins Record 30.09 (was 30.92)

Girls 11-12 50 Fly
Millie Evans
Broke (Her Own) Meet Record 28.45 (was 28.51)
Broke (Her Own) Marlins Record 28.45 (was 29.52)

Girls 15-18 100 IM
Ava Fortney
Broke Marlins Record 1:04.76 (was 1:05.12)

Go Marlins, let’s get ready for Day 2!

Final Message Before Champs!


We are so excited for Champs! The kids have all worked really hard this summer and we are so proud of them. We are excited to see them swim at this final meet and watch them zoom! We will have three coaches on deck Thursday and all coaches will be on deck on Friday. Parents are not allowed on deck, but there will be plenty of adults to help get the kids where they need to be.


Doors open at 7:30 on both days. We have a tight timeline (see below) so please be on time!

Swimmers need to arrive on time to the team area on deck. We have a very limited time for warm-ups and we are in the first wave of warm-ups for all sessions, so there is very little buffer. Swimmers need to be marked, suited up, and on deck at the following times:

  • Thursday: 7:45 am
  • Friday Boys: 7:45 am
  • Friday Girls: 10:45 am

Swimmers in both Friday sessions will be required to use the bullpen. When swimmers arrive on Friday, they need to already be marked up with a sharpie with the following:

  • First and last name on the right shoulder
  • Team name (Bexley Marlins) on the left shoulder
  • Event/heat/lane on the arm

Thank you to parents who are volunteering at the meet this week. There will be a meeting on deck for timers and officials prior to each session start. Coach Taylor will have the watches for timers, so please see her before you go to the Timers meeting.

Thursday Session:

  • Officials meeting: 8:20
  • Timers meeting: 8:40

Friday-Boys Session:

  • Officials meeting: 7:50
  • Timers meeting: 8:10

Friday-Girls Session:

  • Officials meeting: 10:50
  • Timers meeting: 11:10

We will pick up awards after the Friday afternoon session and have them for pick up at the banquet on Saturday.Thanks!

Coach Taylor

Final Practice This Week!

The last practice for the season is tomorrow morning (Wednesday) because on Thursday and Friday all the coaches will be at Champs.

Swimmers aged 6, who are swimming at Champs are welcome to attend the final practice tomorrow (Wednesday).

Also, we have secured a volunteer to snap a team photo tomorrow morning (Wednesday) at 8:00 am!

JV swimmers should arrive a bit early so they can be ready for the photo at 8 sharp.

Also, don’t forget to complete the survey below to let us know if your swimmer and family members will be attending the end-of-season pool party/awards on Saturday, July 20th from 7:30-9:30 pm at the Bexley Pool.

There will be swimming, awards, games, and fun! Watch for a sign-up genius later this week asking families to bring desserts/treats (we will not be serving dinner at the party).


Swimmers were entered in two individual events each.  We put together an A and B relay for each event and relay assignments were based on times.  We did not age up swimmers for any events.  

>> PARENT INFO << (Note new start time: 8:30 am on Friday!)

Doors open for parents and swimmers at 7:30 each day.  Swimmers should come down to the pool and find our team area upon arrival.

Meet Start Times

  • Thursday (Swimmers 11 & up): 8:30 am start
  • Friday Session 1 (Boys 10 & under): 8:30am start
    • NOTE:  This time has been changed by TCAL
  • Friday Session 2 (Girls 10 & under): 11:45am start


With so many teams participating in Champs, our warmup schedule is tight.  If swimmers miss our warmup session, there will not be another opportunity.  The other pool will not be open for warm ups/warm downs during the meet.

  • Thursday:  Bexley warmups are 8:00-8:15
    • Swimmers need to be ON DECK and suited up by 7:45
  • Friday–Boys Session:  Bexley warmups are 8:00-8:20
    • Swimmers need to be ON DECK and suited up by 7:45
  • Friday–Girls Session: Bexley warmups are 10:45-11:00
    • Swimmers need to be ON DECK and suited up by 10:30

Champs-Additional Rules

  • Swimmers must wear Bexley swim caps or a solid color cap
    • Girls need to wear a cap for champs
    • We encourage all boys 13-18 to wear a cap
  • Food is not allowed on deck
  • Parents are not allowed on deck

Denison is a great facility and we believe that the meet will go quickly and smoothly.  Heat sheets and concessions will be sold that day—bring cash.  However, food is not allowed on deck and outside food is not permitted per Denison rules.

We will start tapering this week to help swimmers get ready for champs.  Please make sure everyone drinks lots of water all week, eats healthful and nutritious foods, and gets good sleep all week.  

We are looking forward to seeing some great swims this week!

Coaching Team (Taylor, Pat, Libby, Elyse, Alexis, Atticus, Gavin)

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Bagel Friday!

Come to the Bexley Pool on Friday morning for bagels and coffee! A local food truck, Nate’s Steamed Bagels, will come to Bexley this Friday, July 12th between 7:00-9:30am. The truck will be in the parking lot outside of the Bexley Pool serving some delicious bagel sandwiches and fresh coffee. We would love for you to stop by and grab some breakfast as you start your Friday.

Feel free to send this along to anyone else that can help us broadcast this.

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Tonight: Meet Entries v. Moundbuilders

Attached is the entry report for the July 8 meet versus Moundbuilders at home. This report lists the events for each swimmer. (We don’t have heat and lane assignments at this time.)



  • Write out the events on swimmers’ arms before warm ups
  • Write swimmers’ names on their back shoulder if under the age of 10
  • Arrive on time at 4:15 pm to stretch and warm up before the meet
  • Warm ups start promptly at 4:30 tomorrow.  Varsity 4:30-4:45 and JV 4:45-5.
  • Meet will begin at 5:30
  • Events for the bullpen will be announced by the DJ/Announcer and parents should help swimmers 8 & under get to the bullpen on time
  • Heat sheets will be available for purchase at the meet
  • Encourage good food choices before and during the meet and drink plenty of water—bodies perform best when they are well fueled

For any “scratches” (i.e., swimmers who can no longer swim), please contact Coach Taylor at 

Bexley Fourth of July Parade Details

If your swimmer(s) would like to participate in the parade on Thursday with the Marlins team, here’s what you need to know:

  • Our spot is # 96 in front of 44 N. Cassingham Rd. (south of Maryland, Section 3). However, parents dropping off kids must use the drop-off points on the attached map, as non-parade vehicles will not be allowed in the parade zone. The parade ends at Bexley HS – please pick up your children promptly.
  • Swimmers should arrive at our spot by 9:00 am (Parade begins at 9:30).
  • Each swimmer should bring 3-4 bags of inexpensive candy to throw (e.g., smarties, tootsie rolls, dumdums, etc.)
  • Swimmers should wear their Marlins gear and bring a full water bottle (we will have extra water in the truck as well). I also recommend hats and sunscreen.


We are looking for parent and coach volunteers to walk in the parade with the kids. Please contact Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan if you are available to help chaperone and ration candy.

Thank you!!!