2018 Season Update

May 11, 2018

1. Online registration: Convenience Fee. Online registration starts April 1st.
2. $135 First Child, $100 Second Child, Third Child $90, Fourth Child $50.
3. Let people know they can apply for swim scholarship if need assistance/fees reduced.

May 29th & 30th: JV: 6:30pm-7:30pm Varsity: 7:30-8:45pm
May 31st Normal Times: JV: 8:00-9:00am, Varsity: 7:00-8:30am
Meets: Wendesdays and Mondays
Home Swim Meets: Sign in 3:30, Warm ups 4:30-5:00pm, 5:00pm-5:30pm
Parent Meeting & Mock Meet: June 3rd, 6-9pm (5:30 warm up)
Jenny Nicol Meet: July 14th
July 18th: Spaghetti Dinner, Jeffrey Mansion 6:00pm-7:00pm
Champs:  July 19th Varsity, July 20 JV
July 21st: Banquet at High School 9a-12p

6/6:   Away Huntington Hills
6/13: Home: Pataskala
6/20: Home: Pickerington
6/27: Home: MCC
7/2: Home: Canal Winchester
7/9: Away: Baltimore

1. Go to www.RainedOut.com for quick texting message
2. Look for: Organization: Bexley Marlins Summer Swim Team
3. Facebook, emails

Each family has 2 options:
1. Pay $40 at registration or by May 31st. This fee will cover the food the concession committee will be making for the concessions for the 4 home meets
2. Instead of paying $40, you will be responsible for bringing items to the concession stand each meet. The concession committee will send a sign up genius to those who do not wish to pay the $40.
3. Bringing food or paying the One and Done does not fulfill the volunteer commitment. All parents will need to volunteer at the meets. If not, the meet does not run smoothly.
4. Looking for volunteers for the concession committee. Need parents to help bake or work the concessions stand. Please email Lisa Evans: limiley@hotmail.com if interested.

Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan will be sending a google entry request one week before each meet. It needs to be sent back in by the Friday before the Meet, Monday before a Sat meet. It will let us know who will be at the meet and what their event choices are.

In order for the meets to run smoothly, parents are required to volunteer at the meets. A sign up genius
will be sent out weekly for timing, bull pen, ribbons, runners, and set up/tear down responsibilities.
Each home meet will need 32 timers (16 first half, 16 second half of meet) 4 officials, 2-3 people to set
up, 2-3 people to tear down, 2-3 people ribbons/computer table, 2 runners.

Officials Training: Thursday May 17th, 7:30-9pm Epiphany Church
Thursday May 17th. The meeting will run from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. The training will be from 7:30 pm to 9 pm. It will be at Epiphany Lutheran Church in Pickerington. Our league needs more officials!!!!!

Chris Fortney is the contact person for spirit wear. Cafort88@gmail.com.
All sales will be online this year. You may order spirit wear items at https://www.gtdapparel.com/marlins
The site will open May 1st-May 15th for online ordering.  A minimum order of 18 for each style is needed to be ordered by the team.
Because they are custom orders, there will be no refunds or returns.


$400 Gold, $200 Relay, $125 Free, $75 Starting Block, In Kind donations.

Inclement Weather Policy

June 8, 2011

Or, I HEARD THUNDER!  Do I still go?

Here’s the official policy….

If there’s thunder or lightening visible or audible from the pool, the pool must close for 20 minutes from the last time it was witnessed.

Morning practices will ALWAYS cancel if the pool is on a delay.  The practices are each too short to withstand a 20 minute delay.  If you see or hear thunder or lightening, come pick up your swimmers immediately.  If it’s already thundering or lightening-ing before practice, don’t get out of bed.

Evening practices will depend on the likelihood that the storm will stick around, and the time the last thunderclap/lightening was heard.  Practice is longer in the evening, and has more wiggle room to wait, so it’s not necessarily cancelled right away.  PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS.  Cancellations will always be the top blog post.

If it’s JUST raining, and the pool is deemed safe for swimming- practice is on.

Know Your Swim Age!

May 27, 2011

Or, can I swim up if my friends are all in another group?

Well.  Here’s the thing.  Your age on the Marlins- (as determined by the Tri-County League Regulations) is your age on JUNE 1st of this year.  So if you turn 13 on June 2nd, I sincerely apologize for your luck- you’re still 12 in our book, and must swim at 7am.  For the sake of fair competition, coach sanity, team organization, and ultimately SAFETY – swimmers must PLAN to practice with their competition age group.

HOWEVER – your coach may decide to override this as the season progresses.  Once we see how our numbers fall, there may be swimmers who would benefit from more or less challenging practices.  Coaches at that point may decide to approach parents about switching practice times.  Ultimately coaches would like swimmers to practice with other swimmers in the same ability level.  This is COMPLETELY UP TO THE HEAD COACHING STAFF.  They cannot make these decisions during the first few weeks of practice.  THEY MUST SEE YOU SWIM REALLY FAST FIRST- ANY PRACTICE SWITCH WILL BE DONE BASED ON TIME!  So please don’t go into the season expecting or asking to switch practices.  You can bribe them all you want, but swimming faster than the age group above you is the only way to switch.

So- if you don’t like your practice group- PRACTICE!  Because we can’t change your birthday.



Thank you to Laura Ryan for the great question!

A List of Meet Events

February 10, 2011

3/4 9-10 100m MEDLEY RELAY
5/6 11-12 200m MEDLEY RELAY
7/8 13-14 200m MEDLEY RELAY
9/10 15-18 200m MEDLEY RELAY
11/12 9-10 100m INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY
13/14 11-12 100m INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY
15/16 13-14 100m INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY
17/18 15-18 100m INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY
23/24 9-10 25m FREESTYLE
25/26 15-18 50m FREESTYLE
27/28 11-12 50m FREESTYLE
29/30 13-14 50m FREESTYLE
31/32 9-10 50m FREESTYLE
33/34 15-18 100m FREESTYLE
39/40 9-10 25m BACKSTROKE
41/42 11-12 50m BACKSTROKE
43/44 13-14 50m BACKSTROKE
45/46 15-18 100m BACKSTROKE
49/50 9-10 25m BREASTSTROKE
51/52 11-12 50m BREASTSTROKE
53/54 13-14 50m BREASTSTROKE
55/56 15-18 100m BREASTSTROKE
59/60 9-10 25m BUTTERFLY
61/62 11-12 50m BUTTERFLY
63/64 13-14 50m BUTTERFLY
65/66 15-18 50m BUTTERFLY
67/68 8&UNDER 100m FREE RELAY
69/70 9-10 100m FREE RELAY
71/72 11-12 200m FREE RELAY
73/74 13-14 200m FREE RELAY
75/76 15-18 200m FREE RELAY
77 15-18 200m MIXED FREE RELAY