Know Your Swim Age!

Or, can I swim up if my friends are all in another group?

Well.  Here’s the thing.  Your age on the Marlins- (as determined by the Tri-County League Regulations) is your age on JUNE 1st of this year.  So if you turn 13 on June 2nd, I sincerely apologize for your luck- you’re still 12 in our book, and must swim at 7am.  For the sake of fair competition, coach sanity, team organization, and ultimately SAFETY – swimmers must PLAN to practice with their competition age group.

HOWEVER – your coach may decide to override this as the season progresses.  Once we see how our numbers fall, there may be swimmers who would benefit from more or less challenging practices.  Coaches at that point may decide to approach parents about switching practice times.  Ultimately coaches would like swimmers to practice with other swimmers in the same ability level.  This is COMPLETELY UP TO THE HEAD COACHING STAFF.  They cannot make these decisions during the first few weeks of practice.  THEY MUST SEE YOU SWIM REALLY FAST FIRST- ANY PRACTICE SWITCH WILL BE DONE BASED ON TIME!  So please don’t go into the season expecting or asking to switch practices.  You can bribe them all you want, but swimming faster than the age group above you is the only way to switch.

So- if you don’t like your practice group- PRACTICE!  Because we can’t change your birthday.



Thank you to Laura Ryan for the great question!

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