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Marlins Families.

The weather looks miserable for the morning with the tail end of last night’s storm dragging itself over Bexley.

We are rescheduling the Jenny Nicol meet for Wednesday, Jul 21st.

Warmups at 5P, Meet starts at 6P.

Stay dry and get a bit more sleep!

2021 2nd Intrasquad Meet 6/23 – Family Volunteer Signup

Parents and families! This week is our second meet. Please sign up to volunteer. We need all slots filled to run the meet.

Useful Info: Wednesday 7/16 Marlins Meet Timing / Updates / FAQs

Marlins Families — Wednesday is our first meet. Here are some useful nuggets of information and times.

Varsity warmups are at 5 PM, JV warmups are at 530 PM. Swimmers need to be on deck and ready to go at that time.

Look for an email on where to go and what to do.

What To Bring.
What your swimmer should bring to the swim meet…

  • Marlins spirit and good sportsmanship!
  • Swimsuit (and maybe a spare)
  • Goggles (an extra pair is always a good idea)
  • Swim cap or caps
  • Towels (more than one is always a good idea)
  • Lots of bottled water or hydrating sports drink (avoid soda)
  • Healthy Snacks (Healthy snacks are fruit, PB&J sandwiches, veggies)
  • Singles/cash for concessions (if the concession stand is open)
  • Family blanket or sports chairs
  • Sunscreen
  • Jackets or umbrella to keep dry (if rain is forecasted)
  • Sweatshirts to stay warm
  • Games, cards, toys, and books
  • Sharpie (black or “Marlins” blue)

Knowing what your swimmer is swimming.
Tomorrow, you will receive a heat sheet via email. This will include all the events and who is swimming, and in what lane. You will want to make a note of events, heats, and lanes. Parents will also want to mark their swimmer’s arm; see the example.

Order of events.
The events for each stroke go from youngest to oldest. The girls in a given age group swim the event first, followed by the boys.

Leaving the meet.
Swimmers and their families may leave the meet after the swimmer’s last race (unless the parent is volunteering!). But we ask that the swimmer check in with their coach to ensure they have not been added to a relay. Because of absent swimmers, coaches may add your swimmer to a relay — and no one wants to let down their relay team!

Finally… please bear with the coaches and volunteers.
We didn’t have a season last year, so we might be rusty on a few things! But we’re here for the kids and trying to make this as fun as possible!

2021 1st Intrasquad Meet – Family Volunteer Signup

Parents and families! This week is our first meet. Please sign up to volunteer. We need all slots filled to run the meet.

Team Weather Updates

The weather forecast this week is a bit unpredictable, so we wanted to send an update on our communications about time sensitive updates, like weather cancellations.

In the past, we have used the app Remind, but its key functionality has changed and cannot be used for team alerts.  For that reason, we will be transitioning to TeamSnap. Please look for emails to set up your account.

TeamSnap will allow us to do the following:

  • Communicate important and/or time sensitive updates
  • Parents can sign up with phone numbers and choose to receive emails, texts, or push notifications through the app

Practice Starts This Week!

This is a reminder that Bexley Marlins swim practices begin this week! Below is the schedule.

  • U6: Tuesday/Thursday 8-9 am
  • U8: M/W/F 8-9 am
  • U10: Monday-Friday 8-9 am
  • U12-18: Monday-Friday 7-8 am

Your swimmer should arrive in their swimsuit with googles, towel, water, face mask and a swim cap (optional).

2021 Bexley Marlins Practice/Team Size Update

Marlins Community!

We have been working with Bexley Recreation and Parks to update our season now that the state will be lifting the COVID restrictions.

On a high level, here are the updated plans for our summer:

  • We will return to our regular (pre-COVID) practice schedule (this eliminates the A/B practice groups)
    • U6: Tuesday/Thursday 8-9 am
    • U8: M/W/F 8-9 am
    • U10: Monday-Friday 8-9 am
    • U12-18: Monday-Friday 7-8 am
  • We are lifting the caps on each age group to reflect our pre-COVID levels
    • Bexley Recreation and Parks is contacting parents and has already moved swimmers off the waitlists, and we have additional spots available 
  • We will remain with our Intrasquad meets, as planned

Note: we will still have some Covid protocols to manage this summer:

  • Masks are encouraged anyone that is not fully vaccinated when not in the water
  • Parents should do health checks for each swimmer before each practice 
    • If a swimmer has a temperature above 100 degrees or anyone in the household is ill, they should stay home
  • Coaches will be tracking daily lane groups to enable contract tracing, if necessary

— Coach Taylor and the Bexley Marlins Parent Board

2021 Season Update

Bexley Marlins Families —

Like many of you, we’ve seen the CDC and the State of Ohio updates regarding modification/removal of COVID-related guidelines.

In conjunction with Bexley Parks and Recreation, we’re actively evaluating our team structure and practice options. 

As soon as we know more — we’ll share an update through both Marlins and Bexley Parks and Recreation channels.

However (and this is important), the registration date, practice schedule, and caps on the size remain the same until we notify otherwise. This means parents should register next week (on the 17th) and sign up for the waitlist as planned if the programs reach capacity. If we are able to make changes to capacity, we will work through the waitlists.

— Coach Taylor and the Bexley Marlins Parent Board

2021 Parent Information Packet

Thanks to those attended the 2021 parent meeting last night. For your reference:

Reminder: Swim Team Informational Webinar Meeting (Virtual): Thu., May 6 @ 6:30pm

There will be a virtual parent meeting prior to registration opening on May 17. We encourage all interested participants to attend this virtual meeting since this season will be different than in past years due to COVID-19. Please join in on May 6 at 6:30 pm at