Bexley Fourth of July Parade Details

If your swimmer(s) would like to participate in the parade on Thursday with the Marlins team, here’s what you need to know:

  • Our spot is # 96 in front of 44 N. Cassingham Rd. (south of Maryland, Section 3). However, parents dropping off kids must use the drop-off points on the attached map, as non-parade vehicles will not be allowed in the parade zone. The parade ends at Bexley HS – please pick up your children promptly.
  • Swimmers should arrive at our spot by 9:00 am (Parade begins at 9:30).
  • Each swimmer should bring 3-4 bags of inexpensive candy to throw (e.g., smarties, tootsie rolls, dumdums, etc.)
  • Swimmers should wear their Marlins gear and bring a full water bottle (we will have extra water in the truck as well). I also recommend hats and sunscreen.


We are looking for parent and coach volunteers to walk in the parade with the kids. Please contact Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan if you are available to help chaperone and ration candy.

Thank you!!!

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