A sign up genius will be emailed to swimmers’ parents a week before the meet. It is important all volunteer spots are fulfilled in order for the meet to run smoothly

Individual Meet Volunteer Positions

3 shifts required per family

one shift = half of one swim meet (unless otherwise noted)




Each lane will need a minimum of 3 timers.  Ideally at home meets this will be made up of 2 Bexley timers and one from the visiting team.  Each timer has a stopwatch, and will start the watch on the beep, and stop when the swimmer touches the wall at the end of the race.


A RUNNER WILL BRING YOU A CARD OR CARDS once the swimmers for those events are in order in the bullpen.  Keep the cards in order on the clipboard, and if you are missing a card before the start of a race – raise your hands to stop the event.  In the case of a lost card – there will be blanks on each clipboard.  Please fill in lane, heat, event, team and swimmer name along with the times.


THE TIMER WITH THE CLIPBOARD IN EACH LANE WILL ASK: “What is your name?” to the swimmer in their lane before they start the race.  (please do not ask, “are you Susie?” because nervous 5 year olds will always answer yes.)


CORRECT THE CARD if there is no obvious mistake – and the correct swimmer is not standing nearby.  To correct the card – cross out a wrong name, and write the correct name below it.  (double check event, heat and lane # as well)


INITIAL THE CHANGES so we can find you to clarify if we have confusion at the computer.  Please remember the computer entry people aren’t watching the races – and need the cards as clear as possible.  OVER communicate in writing when you can.


WRITE ALL 3 TIMES on the card, and circle the middle time.  (ie not the fastest or slowest.)  This will be the final time used for scoring.


PASS THE CARD to the card runner as they come by.  There is no situation where you should have no card for the runner.  If your lane is empty for a heat, please write that on the card so it can be used as a placeholder for the computer table.  Missing cards cause confusion at the computer – and can result in children not getting their ribbons.






Card Runner 1 is responsible for getting cards from the bullpen (where they are used to organize swimmers into order by event, heat and lane) TO the correct lane for each event.  If the bullpen is moving quickly, this can be done multiple heats or events in advance.


Card Runner 2 is responsible for getting cards from the timers after each event – putting them in lane order by heat — and handing them off to the computer table.


Child Runners are responsible for helping young swimmers get from the bullpen to the blocks in order before their event.  This is facilitated by the bullpen workers, who will arrange the swimmers by event, heat and lane.  Child runners make sure nobody gets lost, and swimmers end up in the right lane before each event.  The easiest way to do this – is to have young swimmers (under 10) hold hands while still seated on the benches.  Take the hand of the swimmer in Lane 8, and walk them up to the pool.  Deposit the first swimmer in Lane 8 as you pass the block, then 7, etc.








Bullpen volunteers are responsible for organizing swimmers for upcoming events.  Using cards provided by the coaches, swimmers are arranged from left to right – front to back on benches set up in the bullpen area.


When seated on the benches, each heat is one bench – followed by the next heat, followed by the next event.


If a swimmer is missing – and a coach or parent from that team is available and can find them quickly, they can be sent to find that swimmer.  Otherwise, the meet continues with an empty lane.


The bullpen is kept empty of coaches, parents and extra swimmers who are not yet called for their events.  Crowd control is the most important aspect of the bullpen, and most bullpen volunteers are used to control.


Once swimmers are seated in order, and all seats are filled or accounted for – cards can be sent to the timers with Card Runner 1.  Children are sent to the blocks a heat at a time with the Child Runner.  Young swimmers are usually unable to find their blocks without help. 


Please have them hold hands and exit the bullpen LANE 8 FIRST.  In this way, the Child Runner can drop the first child in line off at their lane in order as they pass the blocks.






All events, heats and swimmers are entered into a Hytek Meet Manager system by coaches before the meet.  During the meet, it’s necessary to enter the times for each swimmer.  The computer will calculate the overall score, and create labels for each swimmer’s ribbon in each event.


The computer entry volunteers enter the times for each swimmer from the cards brought to them by Card Runner 2.




Ribbon labels are printed during the meet, and ribbon volunteers stick them to ribbons, and file them in each swimmer’s folder.  Following the meet, a list of swimmers who have broken their own times are printed, and these swimmers receive a goalbreaker pin in their folder as well.






Each meet needs a minimum of 4 officials to run efficiently.  We will train parents interested in officiating.  It is not necessary to have a swimming background – although it may help.  You will need to learn details of each stroke and turn, common disqualifications to look out for, and ultimately keep the meets safe and fair.  If your child swims year round – becoming an official is a great way to fulfill your volunteer requirement on your winter league.


ANNOUNCER – full meet volunteer


The meet announcer uses the starting system to announce the Event, Distance and Heat of each event prior to each race.  They are also responsible for controlling the pace of the meet- and need to keep an eye on the bullpen and timers to be sure they aren’t moving faster or slower than the rest of the meet.


STARTER – full meet volunteer


The starter uses the starting system and works with the announcer to begin each race according to league regulations.  The starter must keep a close eye on officials and starts to be ready for false starts and occasional mishaps.

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