7/1 vs. Johnstown

Good morning everyone! Attached is the entry report for the July 1 meet versus Johnstown at home. This report lists the events, heats, and lanes for each swimmer. For any “scratches” (i.e., swimmers who can no longer swim), please contact Coach Taylor at bexmarlin.coach@gmail.com 


A few important reminders:

  • Write out the event/heat/lane on swimmers’ arms before warm-ups
  • Write swimmers’ names on their back shoulder if under the age of 10
  • Arrive on time at 4 pm to stretch and warm up before the meet
  • Warm-ups start promptly at 4:30 tomorrow. Varsity 4:30-4:45 and JV 4:45-5.
  • The meet will begin at 5:30
  • Events for the bullpen will be announced by the DJ/Announcer and parents should help swimmers 8 & under get to the bullpen on time
  • Heat sheets will be available for purchase at the meet
  • Encourage good food choices before and during the meet and drink plenty of water—bodies perform best when they are well fueled
  • Unless volunteering (e.g., timer, runner), parents should not be behind the blocks at meets.

See you at the pool!

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