7/6 — Meet Day Updates (Info and Reminders)

First and foremost, watch TeamSnap for last-minute updates throughout the day

Tonight’s Meet details…

> Warmups start at 4:30 pm (swimmers on deck at 4:15); the meet begins at 5:30 pm.

Heat sheets were just sent via email — please Event-Heat-Lane your swimmer’s arm! This PDF shows how events are being combined — so we can move the meet efficiently. If you have questions about why your swimmer is swimming (or not swimming) in an event, please talk to the coaches.

Please review your volunteer assignment — these were distributed via email and posted here on Facebook — We need everyone’s help to make the meet go smoothly! Thank you, Thank you!

> Volunteers — please listen for announcements… timers, officials, bullpen, etc… Generally speaking, please check in with Adriane Baylis at the scorers/officials’ table to ask where to go.

> Reminder — Swimmers in the meet are not permitted to be in the other pool during the meet.

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