Bexley Marlins Update 6/5

Key Dates this week.

Monday, June 6th — Morning practice starts; see timing below.

Wednesday, June 8th – First meet, AWAY at Moundbuilders Country Club (signups are closed). WARMUPS ARE AT 5:00; MEET STARTS AT 5:30 (Visiting team warms up second)

Future Dates…

Wednesday, June 15th – First HOME Meet. WARMUPS ARE AT 4:30, MEET STARTS AT 5:30. (Home team warms up first)

Practice Reminders

Marlins shift to morning practice this week. 7:00-8:00 am for Varsity (U12, U14, U18) and 8:00-9:00 am for Junior Varsity (U6, U8, U10). 

Junior Varsity Schedule… U6 Tuesday / Thursday (2 days)… U8 Monday / Wednesday / Friday (3 days)… U10 Monday – Friday (5 days)

Friendly reminder for kids. Swimmers should be on deck 10 minutes before start time to get caps on and be ready to go.

Friendly reminder for parents. Please watch from the upper deck (the area near the entrance). The coaches will ask you to move if you are near the competition pool during practice time.

IMPORTANT: League Waiver

– Sorry for the late notice, but we will need parents/guardians to sign a waiver for your swimmer(s) participation in the league in the next few days (specifically before the Wednesday meet). This waiver is a TCAL requirement to swim in the league. Details on how to do this are forthcoming.

Volunteer Updates

We still need a lot of volunteers for Wednesday’s meet (and will need even more for the home meet on the 15th). Every family is expected to volunteer throughout the season — if you are traveling to the meet, why not sign up to help out? All the jobs (except officiating) are easily trainable on the spot. 

Spirit Updates

Marlins shirts have been ordered. They will be navy blue with the round Marlin logo this year. Global supply chain notwithstanding, we should have them for our first home meet Lauren Hanna will be selling last year’s shirts for $7 at JV practices this week, Tuesday-Friday (if you are looking for a spare).

4th of July Parade! We 100% NEED someone with a truck and a trailer hitch willing to drive and pull the parade float. It will involve pickup of the float the night before (and parking in our spot), being a responsible driver during the parade (watching out for kids and adults on the road), and then returning the flatbed to the pool parking lot the next day (and disposing of the decorations)


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