Swimmers were entered in two individual events each.  We put together an A and B relay for each event and relay assignments were based on times.  We did not age up swimmers for any events.  

>> PARENT INFO << (Note new start time: 8:30 am on Friday!)

Doors open for parents and swimmers at 7:30 each day.  Swimmers should come down to the pool and find our team area upon arrival.

Meet Start Times

  • Thursday (Swimmers 11 & up): 8:30 am start
  • Friday Session 1 (Boys 10 & under): 8:30am start
    • NOTE:  This time has been changed by TCAL
  • Friday Session 2 (Girls 10 & under): 11:45am start


With so many teams participating in Champs, our warmup schedule is tight.  If swimmers miss our warmup session, there will not be another opportunity.  The other pool will not be open for warm ups/warm downs during the meet.

  • Thursday:  Bexley warmups are 8:00-8:15
    • Swimmers need to be ON DECK and suited up by 7:45
  • Friday–Boys Session:  Bexley warmups are 8:00-8:20
    • Swimmers need to be ON DECK and suited up by 7:45
  • Friday–Girls Session: Bexley warmups are 10:45-11:00
    • Swimmers need to be ON DECK and suited up by 10:30

Champs-Additional Rules

  • Swimmers must wear Bexley swim caps or a solid color cap
    • Girls need to wear a cap for champs
    • We encourage all boys 13-18 to wear a cap
  • Food is not allowed on deck
  • Parents are not allowed on deck

Denison is a great facility and we believe that the meet will go quickly and smoothly.  Heat sheets and concessions will be sold that day—bring cash.  However, food is not allowed on deck and outside food is not permitted per Denison rules.

We will start tapering this week to help swimmers get ready for champs.  Please make sure everyone drinks lots of water all week, eats healthful and nutritious foods, and gets good sleep all week.  

We are looking forward to seeing some great swims this week!

Coaching Team (Taylor, Pat, Libby, Elyse, Alexis, Atticus, Gavin)

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