Food Truck Fridays

A local food truck, Nate’s Steamed Bagels, is coming to Bexley!  We have arranged two Fridays that the truck will be at the pool to sell bagel sandwiches and coffee to the community.  The truck will be in the parking lot outside of the Bexley Pool on Friday, June 28th and Friday, July 12th between 7:00-9: 30 am.

We really want this to be successful, as Nate is not charging us for coming or requiring a deposit/minimum revenue from us.  We need to help spread the word among swimming families, swim lesson families, Jeffrey camp families, and the general community.

Can you please help us spread the word?  This opportunity for a delicious breakfast is open to any and all who want to stop by!  Feel free to send this along to anyone else that can help us broadcast this.

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