Inclement Weather Policy

Or, I HEARD THUNDER!  Do I still go?

Here’s the official policy….

If there’s thunder or lightening visible or audible from the pool, the pool must close for 20 minutes from the last time it was witnessed.

Morning practices will ALWAYS cancel if the pool is on a delay.  The practices are each too short to withstand a 20 minute delay.  If you see or hear thunder or lightening, come pick up your swimmers immediately.  If it’s already thundering or lightening-ing before practice, don’t get out of bed.

Evening practices will depend on the likelihood that the storm will stick around, and the time the last thunderclap/lightening was heard.  Practice is longer in the evening, and has more wiggle room to wait, so it’s not necessarily cancelled right away.  PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS.  Cancellations will always be the top blog post.

If it’s JUST raining, and the pool is deemed safe for swimming- practice is on.

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