Tonight vs. Groveport

Get ready for tonight’s meet against Groveport! Enclosed in this post is a report on what swimmers are swimming in which events.

>> Swimmer Entry Report — Bexley vs. Groveport <<

Some reminders and notes:

  • Please help to ensure swimmers arrive on time so they have time to stretch and warm up before the meet
  • Children under the age of 10 should have their name written on their back shoulder
  • Parents should write out the event/heat/lane on swimmer arms before warm ups (the number in parenthesis on relays indicates the swimmer’s order)
  • Warm ups start promptly at 4:30 tomorrow. Varsity will be in the water 4:30-4:45 and JV will be in the water 4:45-5.
  • Meet will begin at 5:30
  • Events for the bullpen will be announced by the DJ/Announcer and parents should help swimmers 8 & under get to the bullpen on time
  • Heat sheets will be available for purchase for $1 at the meet

Lastly, please help your swimmers make good food choices before and during the meet. We encourage swimmers to eat food high in nutritional value the day of a meet and to avoid fried and sugary treats. They should drink plenty of water and can eat high-quality foods such as fruit, vegetables, peanut butter, and whole grains during the meet. Foods high in sugar and fat should wait until swimmers are done with events. Our bodies perform best when they are well fueled.

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