Updates and Tips for Saturday’s Meet vs. Granville …

TIMING / WARM-UPS for Bexley start at 7:30 AM (on deck at 7:20!) with a meet starting at 8 AM. The bullpen will call the first relays at about 7:45 AM.

LOCATION: 1287 Hebron Rd, Heath, OH 43056. Please note that while the address is Hebron Rd., there is a turn-off from Hebron Rd. onto Sergeant Simpson Parkway. Look for the signs! https://tcalstingrays.swimtopia.com/location Note: the pool is open after the meet for paid-entry swimming if anyone wants to stay!

EVENTS AND HEAT SHEETS: Those will be distributed on Friday. Stay tuned!

FOOD AND DRINK: Granville does not offer a bake sale, but everyone is free to bring coolers, etc

WATER STARTS: Just a heads up or a reminder to coaches that this is a water-start-only pool (no blocks). Please remember that in our league the hand must remain on the wall (not just the feet) for a legal start.

SAFETY: Only the Olympic pool is open during the meet. Children and adults are not permitted to use the other pools, swing sets, or other recreational areas during the meets as they are not at full staff.

VOLUNTEERS: Thank you again — and listen for announcements!

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