Mandatory Mock Meet and Parent Meeting on Sunday, June 3

This Sunday, June 3 please have your swimmers at the pool for 5:30pm warm-up and 6pm start. If you have not filled out your response to attend, please do this immediately. This form must be completed in advance of the swim meets to ensure your swimmer is entered and has defined events, heats and lanes–we can’t express how important this is.

What is the mock meet and why is it mandatory?

If you are new to swim team, the mock meet is mandatory for parents and swimmers who plan to go to meets. Swim team takes a village and you are part of the village. Below are the top 10 reasons to attend.

  1. Give your swimmer a chance to get comfortable with the craziness of a swim meet.
  2. Give yourself a chance to get comfortable with the craziness of a swim meet.
  3. Allow your swimmer the chance to experience how a swim meet is run from writing the events on their hand, to lining up in the bullpen to starting a race or being in a relay
  4. Attend the Parent Meeting so you have fewer questions about swim team and can get questions answered
  5. Sign up for One-and-Done because it is the last chance you have to do it
  6. Practice your role as timer, or other volunteer position
  7. Reduce the anxiety of the first swim meet for your swimmer so they know what is expected
  8. Meet other swim team families
  9. Give your swimmer a chance to learn the starting signals for a race (whistle, “take your marks” and buzzer)
  10. Did we mention it was mandatory for new swim families?

The mock meet is held for the benefit of the team as a whole, the individual swimmers and the family volunteers. We are not just trying to add something to your calendar. We say this is mandatory for first time swimmers, but hope that all families will attend. What happens if you don’t attend as a first time swim family? What is the fine or punishment? 100 sit-ups, 20 push-ups, and not knowing what to do with yourself or your swimmer at the first swim meet.

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